Frozen Products

For your ultimate convenience we also offer a wide range of our produce as frozen goods. We vacum pack and blast freeze the meat ensuring that the freshness and nutritional value is preserved.  Packaged individually and delivered to your door under temperature controlled conditions, your order will be ready to go straight into your freezer.

From 10th March 2021 we are excited to introduce our new
which are available in SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE to suit your family needs.

Packaged and delivered to your door, our Frozen Pork Boxes are the ultimate in Convenience, Quality and Value.

A selection of our free range pork products offering a range of meal options and recipe ingredients have been carefully chosen for each of our Frozen Pork Boxes - with the added bonus of up to 20% OFF because you are buying in bulk. What is not to love!

Bespoke Frozen Pork Boxes are also available, please contact us for more information.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.