Genuine Free Range Pork
Genuine Free Range Pork

Family Pork Box

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Our Family Pork Box is a great way to feed a hungry family as it offers a wide variety of pork and therefore a range of meal options, all at a discounted bulk buy price. With a family size roasting joint and a range of pork essentials (which can be customised  to suit you) this meat box is an excellent way to provide your family with high quality, healthy, flavoursome meals.
For your convenience we will deliver straight to your door, this is free of charge within our local area.**
This box contains:
2 x 1kg Leg of Pork or 1 x 2kg leg of Pork
1 x 1kg Pork Loin
1 x 1kg Pork Dice
2 x 1kg Pork Belly
1 x Rack of Ribs or Tenderloin
3 x 2 pack of Pork Chops or Leg Steaks
6 x 500g Pack of Pork Sausages (various flavours)
Please select your preferences from the three choice options above.
Due to our free range ethos, sizes of our meat products may vary slightly.